Updating your logo won’t shut down the government…again

If you have been watching TV, drinking soda, receiving packages, buying coffee, pretty much living your daily life, you may have noticed that NBC, Coca-cola, USPS, Best Buy, Delta, Starbucks even Martha Stewart Living have upgraded their logos in the last few years. So what’s stopping you?

How to use SEO (and how not to)

There are some business truths that don’t change when you make the jump to online sales. People care about quality, returning customers are essential for stable cash flow, and you have to get people through the door before you can make a sale. With so many eBusinesses out there, many of them selling similar products, it’s easy to lose sight of that fact when you first get started.

Cloud computing is a security risk, but so is everything else

Probably the most common reaction people have when they first hear about cloud computing is to wonder whether or not it’s safe. We’ve spent years being told to be careful online, to keep our data safe and our passwords complicated. So when someone recommends that we put our most valuable information ‘on the cloud’ it sounds like a terrible idea.

Coming to Grips with Cloud Computing

If you’ve paid attention to IT trends over the last few years, you know that the cloud computing sector has been growing, but cloud computing’s sudden transition from leading-edge technology to mainstream tool has taken a lot of people by surprise.

When not to go to a web development company

Inna Needasite owns a small coffee shop off Wellitsgoingok Blvd. She was told that getting a website will increase her exposure and drive more customers to her little shop, and that behold, this small cheaply attained thing that everyone is doing, will double revenue stream for her. “You can do it yourself easily or you can just to go to a web development company and tell them you need a site. It’s cheap and easy!” they said.

Writing for the web

When writing for the web, the quality of your content as well as the content’s accessibility, readability, and simplicity are really important. No matter how common sense it sounds, writing for the web is not at all the same as writing for print. This is the case for many reasons; mainly because reading on a computer screen is a different experience from reading a newspaper or book. To make matters worse, the longer the text the harder it gets. This is why an abundance of white space, shorter paragraphs, and concise thought formulations are your best friend.

Importance of social media marketing

According to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, the top three benefits of social media marketing are that it helps generate more business exposure (as indicated by 88% of marketers), followed by increased traffic (72%) and improved search rankings (62%). With the potential to increase a business’ exposure as a number-one advantage by a significant margin, it doesn’t take a genius to recognize that social media marketing is a great resource for small business owners and nonprofits.